Carpet Cleaning

Monster Cleaning Guildford specializes in carpet cleaning – we have a team of experts that have mastered this service and they always deliver high-quality results to our customers. They are motivated, knowledgeable, experienced, and fully qualified.

Our company has invested in industry-approved equipment that meets their potential and helps them provide such high-quality outcomes for every booking that we have. After all, deep cleaning a carpet is not that easy as you may think. 

Why Carpet Cleaning is so special?

You might think that deep cleaning a carpet is easy but it’s actually not. They are made out of very delicate materials that need a special cleaning method to be applied when cleaning them otherwise their fibers are going to become damaged which is totally going to ruin the appearance of the carpet. Of course, there is one more reason to why this is important and it should be performed by professionals. A carpet is a magnet for dirt, dust, bacteria, pet hair, crumbs, nasty odors, stains, etc. – and all of these unhygienic things are accumulated all the way to the base. This makes cleaning a carpet impossible without the proper equipment.

For example, a vacuum cleaner isn’t that powerful and it can’t go deep to the base and extract all of these unwanted things. The vacuum is only being able to remove what is on the surface but it is not suitable for deeper cleaning. When all of these things stay in the carpet for a while they will start to ruin its appearance and will start to damage it. Is your carpet covered in stains and discoloration? Does it look worn out to you? Maybe it no longer even looks the same as when you first purchased it from the store? Well, the reason is very simple – it hasn’t been cleaned the proper way.

Our cleaning technicians use the power of steam – the most efficient and powerful method to get rid of all the accumulated dirt.